• Symbis

    SYMBIS: Save Your Marriage Before It Starts.

    This is a program developed by Drs. Les and Leslie Parrott (found in the book of the same name and at www.symbis.com) designed to help engaged couples learn more about each other in every aspect of marriage – finances, children, child-rearing, intimacy, etc. It is useful for those already married as a marital “tune-up.” And, it is a must for those entering into a second marriage. Drs. Parrott have written another book, which focuses on the needs of those entering a second (or third, like me) marriage.

    My wife Laura and I are certified SYMBIS facilitators. This is not simply a “read the book” program. Key to it is completing an online inventory that has been clinically validated (i.e., the results obtained from honestly answered questions are accurate). We will then sit down with you to discuss the results over as many sessions as is needed. As stated on their website: “Over 1,000,000 couples and 100,000 pastors and counselors can’t be wrong: SYMBIS is the most widely used pre-marriage system in existence.”